This blog – WTF?!

I am fully aware of the fact that some of the older postings in this blog may be slightly misleading or confusing. Many probably see references to other pages and sites/people that are no longer around. Perhaps you get really upset about this and ask yourself: ”WTF?!”

Well – this is because I merged three old blogs into one when I switched to WordPress as a blog tool.

”The Knusper blog” [a blog on leadership, over the last 2-3 years maintained by my former employee Mike in Bangalore, India]

”Konsultpappans blogg” [my personal blog in Swedish]

”Motivationsbloggen” at Expedition WOW [a motivational blog in Swedish and to some extent English - again thanks to Mike. It was part of the webpage for my startup Expedition WOW - R. I.P]

I merged them all into this blog.

So if it is confusing – you should embrace it and feel good about noticing such subtle signs of things not being 100% streamlined here. This is good. Very human of both you and me. We should feel very good about this, buy beers and slap each other on the backs, perhaps start a small company together and buy really fast cars and have employees throw water balloons at people we drive by.

Yes. Let’s do that.


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