Hostage situation

Don Vittore.

You came to me with your family. In peace. We talk, eat, we have a friendly sit down.

I feel it is good, and we laff all night. Like family, capisci?

Wifes talk, yada yada yada – and our kids play like brothers and sisters. I bring out the good wine, the good whiskey. Treat you like family.

Then I wake up and – hey! – waddayaknow? You have left scarves and shit in my home. Like you piss territory, in my home?!

You give me no choice, Don Vittore. I have your knitted item of preference, and I am keeping it hostage, until you pay me respect. Lemme lay it down for you:

I want a lunch, at a good locale in Lund, WITH a beer, within twenty days.

Or I will have my little knife friend talk to your little scarf, and feed him to the fishes. Capisci?

/Don Pedro

2 responses to “Hostage situation

  • Vicious Vic

    Yah biscotti-suckin’ son-of-a-Fiat. I left ”scarves and shit” at tu casa? The scarf, yeah. But the shit ain’t mine. It’s probably you unconsciously droppin’ a cannoli, thinking about the consequences you gonna face if you are hurting my pink metrosexual scarf.

    Me being the bigger man and all, I’m gonna meet your demands and offer you a peaceful settlement at Lundia/Brogatan on one of the following dates:

    Thursday 18th Nov @11.30 or Tue 23rd Nov @12.00 or Wed 24th Nov @ 12.00.

    Love and respect to the missus and kids
    Vicious Vic

  • Patrick Stahl

    24:th. Deal.
    Bring no guns, no muscle.
    Just smile and wave. Smile and wave.


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