Like a duck wearing diapers

Again – I really enjoyed my latest tango lesson. It taught me that frustration can be a useful tool for learning.

(I highly recommend Tangokompaniet to those of you who are tango buffs in the south of Sweden.)

One of my good colleagues at MiL Institute – Camilla – told me that confusion is the beginning of all learning. She is ever so true. And for me personally, FRUSTRATION is the afterburner that really kicks my own learning cycle into overdrive.

And here’s my reflection: once I realize such a thing – I have a choice: To boost my learning or not. I can use the new tool in my toolbox when I know what I need to learn. It may not be always fun or pleasant. But I know the shape of the tool, and I know it works.

Think about that for a moment. What do you have that radically speeds up YOUR learning? Is it a feeling, a phenomenon, a process? What triggers your learning? Get curious about it.

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