It’s about the CHANGE, stupid!

I was thinking about change strategy the other night.

Here’s what I think you must do in order to create genuine change:

A. Get to know the classics in your chosen fields of knowledge, and get to know how to break the mold set by them. Not because the classics necessarily are wrong (on the contrary – they are usually very solid and true) but merely because the polite disobedience of man’s established truths is the beginning of any significant attempt to further our knowledge and better ourselves.

B. Get to know the really marginal stuff of your chosen fields of knowledge. This is where you find the inspiration or the stem cells of any change worth fighting for. You NEVER find the fuel for radical change or quantum leaps under the section ”What we – the establishment – already know of and agree about”. You more often find it in the really marginal stuff. Look under the section ”What we – the establishment – find ridiculous and/or plain silly”.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that. Now go find some stuff to change!

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One response to “It’s about the CHANGE, stupid!

  • Jan

    You should be a management or leadership consultant. Ah yes, you already are… ;-)Seriously though, good reflections on the subject. And I for one would say that there is far too little silliness going on in business./jan


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