True Leadership ENTAILS you to adopt to…

Do you think management is a key component of Leadership? Hmm…YES it is and I would like to share the three basic management styles that make a person a true Leader!

  • Directing
  • Discussing
  • Delegating.
  1. An example of the directing style might be the last time you went for a blood test. The lab technician told you to roll up your sleeve and extend your arm. You were shown how to squeeze your hand during the sampling and when to do it. After the blood was drawn, you received specific instructions about holding the cotton swab over the area.
  2. In some situations managing is more about asking the right questions than telling employees what to do. Using the discussing style managers ask focused questions to solicit ideas and opinions.
  3. The delegating style is appropriate when employees have the experience, skills, and motivation to get the job done. Experienced employees want freedom to take action and solve problems on their own.

Try these out in your own way and I am sure it will make a huge difference in your life!

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