My weirdest business card – WHY?!

Interesting thing. Some people think my new business card is too thick. It is +3 mm thick. My designer Robin Grann describes the spec’s on his site.

The most common question I get is ”How the heck do you carry them around?” or ”You need a bigger card holder!”

But for me, the new business card also entails a new approach to my use of business cards. I don’t hand them out to every man on the street. If I go to a conference or a seminar I don’t care a bit about being the champion networker who puts a fist up in the air and shouts ”HANDED OUT A HUNDRED NOW!”

Business is not like that for me.

I carry one card in my wallet. Only one.

I want my card to be a unique invitation to connect to me. Not a piece of paper that I hand out to anyone with a pulse. I have handed out three since I got them in mid June. I expect to hand out at most 20-30 every year.

The card must be unique, and the connection must be unique.

This is why it has a different e-mail address on it. Different from my ordinary e-mail address. And as I hand it over, I explain that I do not check my ordinary e-mail on my iPhone, but if they send an e-mail to THIS address – it will reach me on the iPhone whether I am working an assignment in Dar es Salaam, Stockholm or Jerusalem.

On all three occasions the recipients have said something like ”Oh dear – then I must not spread this address!”

And I reply. ”Don’t worry – if anyone else sends something to this address it is sorted to my general mailbox, but I will add your address to a very short list of senders that gets forwarded to my iPhone.”

Inevitably this leads to very interesting discussions about business cards and how we need different levels of personal connection. And that discussion just solidifies the message my new card conveys.

And also – the rubber infused paper has a really cool texture when you hold it. Gotta love that. ;-)

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One response to “My weirdest business card – WHY?!

  • Alarik von Hofsten

    That was the best statement about business cards i ever heard about and also the most unique pitch/elevator speech I heard in a long time. To have a card that stand out as unique, but is so stark simple is an achievement in itself. To make a one liner statement about yourself and your business as well as inviting to a conversation is very clever. Brilliant my friend, brilliant!

    / Alarik
    (who found a not so innovative way of using my surplus business cards, see link above)


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