Character sets the foundation for leadership!

  1. Leadership can never be divorced from the individual. And as a leader, you cannot impart what you do not possess. This is why “the main ingredient of good leadership is character”
  2. The main ingredient of good leadership is good character. This is because leadership involves conduct and conduct is determined by values.”
  3. Whilst many place value in titles and positions, it’s behavior that wins people’s trust and respect. One of the foundational leadership principles is that leaders need to model the behaviors and attitudes which they expect from others.
  4. The example set by leaders is most powerful when grounded in values and when leaders live their values in their own authentic manner.
  5. When it comes to values they are most effectively demonstrated by your behavior, words count, but not nearly as much as your deeds.
  6. Good leaders lead from the front. They take the initiative to go first. People follow a person, before they buy into a strategy and plan.
  7. People need more than grand idea. They need to seen the idea lived in the flesh.

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