Leadership Lessons: Amp Your Team, Rock Your Business

Businesses and rock bands share a lot of the same issues. “Both require the right mix of marquee names and supporting cast. And both can suffer more from success than they can from failure.”
You should be asking yourself these questions:
  • What’s my role in this group?
  • What do I bring to the group that no one else can?
  • How am I contributing to (or detracting from) the success of the group?
  • How much responsibility will I have in keeping the group afloat?
  • Which of my teammates can I learn from, and what can I learn?
  • Prepare for the downturn in the career by surrounding yourself with the smartest and most effective support team possible.
  • If you’re got bigger dreams, you’ve got to understand what’s necessary to achieve them.
  • The criticism isn’t the end product; improvement is. The idea with criticism is helping to improve everyone’s game so that the entire team is working at a higher level.
  • Times change and tastes change with them. You’ve got to accept that fact going into any endeavor … so do everything you can to prepare for them.
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